Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chicken Sukka/Kori Aajadina

roasted coriander seeds:2-3 tsp
roasted cumin seeds:3/4 tsp
fenugreek:1/2 tsp
chillies-5 to 6
garlic-3 cloves
oil-2-3 tb spoon
salt-as per taste
Prepared Chicken Pulimunchi


Except coconut grind the rest things in a mixer with out adding water.when its done add the grated coconut and  grind it for only a few seconds, just to mix it well .Now in a thick kadai take some oil,add chopped onions and fry till golden brown.add the grinded mixture and saute it properly till the moisture is removed and it is dry.See that its not over fried.Now take only the Chicken pieces from the cooked pulimunchi dish and a little gravy and saute it for few min.we add gravy to give taste and moisture to the dish.but the dish should be dry but not more of moisture.add a little salt (remember that the pulimunchi gravy you add  also has salt) .Saute it for some time .

Mustered seeds
garlic-2 cloves
ghee-2 tsp
curry leaves

In a pan take some ghee.Add mustered seeds.when it starts popping add curry leaves ,two cloves of garlic, one chopped onion.saute it and add it into the Chicken sukka.Chicken sukka is ready to serve.

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