Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kori Pulimunchi


roasted chillies-10 to20(12 byadgi chillies,8 long size red chillies)
coriander seeds-2 to 3 tb spoon
fenugreek-1/2 tsp
cumin seeds-1 tsp
cinnamon-small piece
onion-4 to 5
garlic-4 to 5 cloves
turmeric-1 tsp
tamarind- lemon size
ghee-3-4 tb spoon
salt-as per taste


Take 2 tb spoon of ghee in a pan.add garlic cloves, 3 sliced onions and fry for 2 to 3 min.now add cinnamon piece,cloves ,coriander seeds,fenugreek,pepper,cumin seeds and fry till the onion turns into golden brown in colour(check that they are not over fried).now take the roasted chillies,tamarind,turmeric and the above said fried ingredients in a mixer and grind it into fine paste.
           Take the grinded mixture in a deep pan.add chopped onions ,salt as per taste  into the mixture and keep for cooking.add some water but let the gravy be little thick in texture.when it starts boiling, after 10 min add the chicken pieces.cook until its done.

In a small pan take 1 tb spoon of ghee.fry 1 finely chopped onion till it turns golden in colour.add it into the chicken curry and close the lid.Delicious chicken pulimunchi is ready to serve.


  1. All dishes seem to be very interesting...I love trying uncomplicated recipes...:) Will definitely try all of these...!! All of them look very yummy...

  2. thanks Diana.Same here.I love trying all complicated once.But i want my blog to be easy for all to try new dishes

  3. hi sri it is very testy ,, and yammy.......

    thanks for u r great cuisine . keep it up ....... and try mor and more bunts special cuisines .........

  4. Iam preparing it for the second time,its hot and spicy,thnk you ,akkere

  5. Hi, I made this curry today.. To the T... Came exactly restaurant style.. My hubby loves pulimunchi and he appreciated this very much. Thanks